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Eastleighwood TV

Eastleighwood T.V Channel

Eastleighwood T.V is an informal channel of sharing informal information to the community. It is a program designed to use cartoons and Muppet arts to pass information on culture and social lives of the local community through comedy and behavior-focused short plays. Most of the small projects and activities carried out within the organization including Music, short video plays and art work by youth are streamed online through this channel for the community to have access to them..Join Eastleighwood every week for new hottest news and funny plays.


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Eastleighwood Youth Forum
Physical Address: Hazina Towers 9th floor, Utalii Lane , Sunrise Shopping Mall, 3RD Floor, Suite D34 & D35
Postal Address: P. O. Box 105239-00101, Nairobi Kenya
Tel: (+254)020 242 5667
Email: info@eastleighwood.org

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