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Youngest Female Singer, Qaali.(Certificate of Honor)

Today more than any one he knows the pros and cons of finding hidden treasure caged under the conservative culture of a Society where a woman pays a heavy price to speak out, and where Art is seen as both heritage and at times controversial, especially controversial for a teenage girl out of nowhere to rule the minds and hearts of modern Somali Music, thanks to Eastleighwood and big applause for Iman in reviving that which is lost in the civil war, in the conflicting ideologies that defined Somali as a place of war and labeled the whole country as a 'failed state' .

Today Qaali's breakthrough song 'Somaali waayn side baan wax yeelaa' ' Ow' Greater Somalis -How should I deal with it' is more than just a young woman trying to speak out from the abuse of broken home and abusive husband, it is a question of young girl trying to fix a negative relationship and trying to find a solution through the sources of her story and people, and that is why her song remains cherished and hit in the Somali modern history.

It was three months ago when Somalis voted online to choose the best singer of the year, and Qaali Emerged as a number one, today after two years of hard work and under the mentorship of Burhan Iman and Eastleighwood as an Artist, Qaali is honored by Eastleighwood as a role model and as the voice of the Somalis again in 2013 with honorary certificate one day before she travels to Beijing .She is a Role Model who scooped Top Awards locally and abroad.


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