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Eastleighwood has come up with a program named, ‘Eastleighwood Talent Show’. Eastleighwood Talent Show Project will be used as a platform for youth mentorship in which the organization shall promote social integration and the sense of responsibility among the youth people.

Eastleighwood is inviting interested candidates to apply for the Talent Show opportunity before the 25th of November, 2015.We are targeting variety of talents realized in Nairobi East land communities.

In this program, various individuals and groups of youths will be required to register and become members of the program. Kindly find the possible talent categories selected in the form below. Upon launching of the program on the 27th of November, 2015 which will involve training and development of the talents identified will proceed where various talents will be showcased.

The program is aimed at promoting/building self esteem, inculcate leadership skills, stimulating grounds for information sharing,
and encouraging openness, self responsibility and harmony among the youths in East land's at large.


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