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Eastleighwood has come up with a program named, ‘Eastleighwood Talent Show’. Eastleighwood Talent Show Project will be used as a platform for youth mentorship in which the organization shall promote social integration and the sense of responsibility among the youth people.

Eastleighwood is inviting interested candidates to apply for the Talent Show opportunity before the 25th of November, 2015.We are targeting variety of talents realized in Nairobi East land communities.

In this program, various individuals and groups of youths will be required to register and become members of the program. Kindly find the possible talent categories selected in the form below. Upon launching of the program on the 27th of November, 2015 which will involve training and development of the talents identified will proceed where various talents will be showcased.

The program is aimed at promoting/building self esteem, inculcate leadership skills, stimulating grounds for information sharing,
and encouraging openness, self responsibility and harmony among the youths in East land's at large.

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Ewood Exclusive Show

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Currently, the organization has initiated a weekly Television Talk Show conducted in Eastleighwood T.V studio every Saturday. Through this show, we aim to strengthen a model where youths are progressively mentored and given a platform to share out their experiences. Different talk show topics are chosen and role models identified to lead the discussions as the Show is showcased live from Eastleighwood. Among the most interesting talk show topics ever is “Denying the negativity to continue advocating for peace and coming as the voices of changes" .The show prunes the different social cultural differences among the Somali Kenya and other communities living in Eastleigh. It shapes young people to come out to be the peace makers and mentors to the people in our society. Please join us from 2pm at Eastleighwood Hall in Eastleigh, 9th street, Sunrise Shopping Mall, 3rd Floor. Don’t miss out.

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Eastleighwood Youth Forum Organization is always determined to work with different stakeholders to bridge the gender knowledge gap in Eastleigh community through providing work/business based capacity building skills trainings to 400 young mothers and girls by the end of 2016. Through mentorship and skills trainings, 400 women will be supported by the organization to come up with viable business plans and establish 100 businesses to open up more job opportunities to other young women and girls for sustainable development.

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On 18th July, 2015 Eastleighwood launched the screening of mistaken

On 18th July, 2015 Eastleighwood launched the screening of mistaken at Grand Royal Hotel in Eastleigh 12th street.

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Eastleighwood : The press release about radicalization and extremist activities in eastleigh

Over the past 3 years of violent experience of rapid youth radicalization and extremist activities around the country including eastleigh, one of the renowned major business center within Nairobi County with an approximately 5,000 business people actively engaged in businesses, Eastleighwood has been on the forefront to curb this situations. With relentless efforts, Eastleighwood Youth Forum,-anon-Governmental organization working with youths in the area has actively fought for peace despite the many challenges facing  the community.

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We are pleased to announce that the long waited Fashion show and beauty pageant took place at Kenya polytechnic (Technical university) Opposite Times tower. The hall was transformed into an art exhibition and after the line up the crowd was in the avenue of the underground where fashion meets the runaway.

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Eastleighwood Youth Vocational Training Program


The Eastleighwood Youth Vocational Training Program (EYVTP) has been running for a year now. Incepted in January 2014, the organization targeted to train at least 20 youths every Month in our Resource center to enhance their capacities in entrepreneurship and skillful talents. Since then, the organization through this crash program trained over 100 youths from Eastleigh in various fields i.e. Media productions (Music production, photography, video editing &Script writing), Fashion & Modeling, Basic Computer skills training and Traditional Dance. This trainings run for a period of 1-3 months and are aimed at facilitating youth participation in.

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Youngest Female Singer, Qaali.(Certificate of Honor)

What is in a date? Of course Some dates are special, yes, they leave mark on our lives, or simply affect how others view us in that context may be how the world itself reflects our own existence. We remember this Special date 24th/July/2011 that defines the history of Somalia's Youngest Female Singer, Qaali. Burhan Iman the Executive Director of Eastleighwood is the head over heels when he talks about Qaali, because unlike the mainstream Somali community that adore this young singer, for Iman he concentrates Qaali not Just as an Artist only but mainly on her discovery and breakthrough as an artist, and the historical context of her discovery as a Successful artist.


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