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EASTLEIGHWOOD programs are designed to give the best need-based skills to young people living in Eastleigh Community. The organization is determined to improve the quality of life through trainings, outreach programs, arts, culture and media production. The following is a review of Eastleighwood programs;

The program was initiated in March 2014 in anticipation to inculcate the basic life and technical skills to Eastleigh youths with informal education. We opened a Resource center where youths are given trainings. The STEP initiative is a 3 months training program, where youths are awarded certificates on completion of their training. In our roadmap to creating employment opportunities and alternative means of income generating activities, Eastleighwood STEP initiative targets to train 500 youths by December 2017. The program is splitted into the following sub-training programs; Basic computer skills trainings
The training aims at providing the basic computing skills to youths interested to work as clerks, cashiers and sole entrepreneurs. The basic computer skills vocational training is a 3 months program which targets 10 students per Quarter. We have our own training curriculum, which is localized to ensure every youth understand the basic concepts. Basic entrepreneurship training
Basic entrepreneurship training is a program which targets young upcoming youth entrepreneurs from poor and vulnerable households, who are willing and passionate to venture into the business world. Eastleigh being the business center, there are many emerging and unmatched business opportunities, which if youths are mentored and motivated to do can transform their livelihoods. We train youths on different business ventures, business plan development and financial literacy skills (Saving and budgeting). We are targeting 15 young entrepreneurs per Quarter. These youths will then be grouped and put under a special program to access small grants and loans from micro financial institutions and the government to use as start up kits for IGAs. This is part of the move to eradicate extreme poverty among the poor households in Eastleigh. Basic Language skills training program
This is a 3 months language program targeting to enroll all the youths with no skills & knowledge in neither Kiswahili nor English. The program targets the Somalia Refugee youths who are just from camps, who doesn’t speak in either language to increase their bargaining power with the business community, the security and to ensure unity through smooth flow and sharing of information. We normally use internal localized basic language curriculum to teach them. They are then exposed to internet and media platforms to learn more and practice their skills after the completion of their training. There is no specific number targeted per Quarter, as the program depends solely on the skills demand from our youths. Eastleighwood workshops and Seminars
Eastleighwood is determined to build the capacities and skills of the Staff members, organization members, Short-time consultants and its implementing stakeholders/Team to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery.
The Seminars and workshops are conducted within the Quarters, either at the start of the new projects or during implementation of the project, to address the key concerns of the project and to strengthen the workforce capacities.
ICDPP is an initiative of Eastleighwood Youth Forum which targets to nurture the talents of young people in Eastleigh as an alternative of generating solutions to youth challenges. The program comprises of the following areas; Eastleighwood Band Eastleighwood Music production studio Music dance skills trainings Outreach activities; music dance and singing performance in cultural nights, major and minor Somalia events and community service/forum events.
The program is implemented on a rollout basic. There is no specific timelines for the cultural dance and music production.
This program was initiated in 2012 as a sustainability and talent development initiative for Eastleighwood. The program attracted the sponsorship from USAID-Kenya through Kenya Transition initiative in support for the youth Role Model trainings in Production & Media. 30 youths were trained as Role models by KTI; some are currently working as Video and film makers in Eastleighwood. The KTI sponsorship through CAMPP produced the best Eastleighwood, photographer, Video Editor and the production Director, who have so far
worked on East & West Documentary, Mistaken Movie-currently undergoing the final editing and short plays social media videos.
The program comprises of; Eastleighwood T.V production Months skills training STEP initiative Video & Film production Photojournalism Creative Arts Acting Poetry
1.2.4 PEACE FORUMS EASTLEIGHWOOD was formed with the main objectives of creating Peace & Conflicts Resolutions, as well as creating an Awareness campaign programs/Sensitization on Peace, Unity & Prosperity through Youth-Lead Forums. In this endeavor, the organization has been implementing the youth for peace forums since February 2014 up to date. The forums normally targets to reach out to a minimum of 200 youths Every Month with a package of peace messages on violence & extremism. It is aimed at countering the rapid increase in youth Radicalization in the Horn of Africa, particularly in Kenya and Somalia.


The program was initiated with the efforts of pulling different CBOs, NGOs and FBOs working as civil society organizations in Eastleigh, with the aim of addressing the social problems facing the community. This program normally targets to engage various representatives of these organizations, invited motivational speakers and the youths to generate simple localized mechanisms to provide solutions to the community challenges. The program so far is being implemented at Eastleighwood Seminar room and is projected to reach out to other open places/common social grounds, where the larger community will be targeted to participate.


The YRHP is targeting both in-school and out-of-school youths, particularly the adolescent girls and boys. This program is designed to match the interests of other organization focus areas. We train youths on issues pertaining sex and sexual reproductive health rights, with the focus of countering the spread of HIV/AIDs and domestic Violence against either gender. We provide basic life skills education, mentorship, guidance and counseling to the most-at-risk and
vulnerable youths. We also enroll them in our capacity building trainings to get the alternative means of survival through business ventures Eastleighwood is determined to seek for partnership with health care sector and to strengthen its local and international networks and linkages to provide quality health and social services to youths through this program.


The program is implemented through Eastleighwood online interactive learning process. Eastleighwood uses online video and active trainer-trainee forums/discussions and simple knowledge tests. The learner is evaluated through undertaking Questions provided online to measure his/her knowledge gain range then awarded the certificate of participation. We offer online entrepreneurship trainings, media and basic integrated Research & Development courses currently but also planning to scale up the program to incorporate other courses.


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