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Who we are

EASTLEIGHWOOD is the Brand-Name of EASTLEIGHWOOD YOUTH FORUM (E.Y.F). It's a Not-for-Profit, Independent, Youth-Centered, Community-Focused and a Fully-Registered International Non-governmental Organization (NGO). EASTLEIGHWOOD is not affiliated to any Political, Religious or Cultural Institution, but it is a People-Centered and National-Driven Youth-Centered Organization formed to Advocate and Fight for the Very Interest and Well-being of all Communities, regardless of their Race, Religion, Tribe, Cultural and Political Background.

EASTLEIGHWOOD was formed with the Main Objectives of Creating Peace & Conflicts Resolutions, as well as Creating an Awareness Campaign Programs/Sensitization on Peace, Unity & Prosperity, Through Youth-Lead Forums, Community Workshops/Capacity-Building, Social Network Platforms and through the Main-Stream Media.

Our Commitment

EASTLEIGHWOOD is specifically More So Committed to Creating Peace & Conflicts Resolutions as well as Awareness Campaign/Sensitization Programs/Forums/Initiatives on Peace, Unity & Prosperity for the Horn-of-african Communities, Through Arts, Media, Social Network Platforms and Interactive Forums/Workshops/Programs.This is in View of the Fact that, These Communities One of the World's Most at-risk populations; Marred by Prolonged Political-Instability, Terrorism, Poverty and Discrimination/Marginalization


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Quick Contacts

Eastleighwood Youth Forum
Physical Address: Hazina Towers 9th floor, Utalii Lane , Sunrise Shopping Mall, 3RD Floor, Suite D34 & D35
Postal Address: P. O. Box 105239-00101, Nairobi Kenya
Tel: (+254)020 242 5667
Email: info@eastleighwood.org

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